First Year

MGT 201: Business English                                                   100

MGT 202: Business Statistics                                                 100

MGT 203: Microeconomics                                                    100

MGT 211: Accounting for Financial Analysis                        100

MGT 213: Principles of Management                                     100

Second Year

MGT 205: Business Communication                          100

MGT 206: Macroeconomics                                                   100

MGT 212: Cost and Management Accounting                      100

MGT 214: Fundamentals of Marketing                                  100

MGT 216: Foundations of Human Resource Management 100

Third Year

MGT 204: Business Law                                                        100

MGT 215: Fundamentals of Financial Management             100

MGT 217: Business Environment and Strategy                     100

MGT 218: Taxation and Auditing                                          100

MGT 219: Organizational Behavior                                       100

The Fourth Year Programme

In fourth year, the students are encouraged to focus on a particular functional and concentration area of business studies. Building on the foundation laid in the first, second and third years, the principal mission of the fourth year twofold:

1) To enable the students to concentrate in one functional areas of business. FOM offers four stream of

concentration courses:

a) Accounting

b) Finance

c) Management

d) Marketing

2) To provide opportunity to students to engage in research and final project presentation.

Fourth Year

MGT 220: Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Development                100

Concentration I                                                                                   100

Concentration II                                                                                 100

Concentration III                                                                                100

MGT 221: Business Research Methods                                              50

MGT 401: Final Project                                                                      50