Bachelor of Business Studies (BBS)

Course Syllabus

Bachelor of Business Studies (BBS) Year System

First Year: Full Marks = 500

MGT 201: Business English

MGT 202: Business Statistics

MGT 203: Microeconomics

MGT 211: Accounting for Financial Analysis

MGT 213: Principles of Management

Second Year: Full Marks = 500

MGT 205: Business Communication

MGT 206: Macroeconomics

MGT 212: Cost and Management Accounting

MGT 214: Fundamentals of Marketing

MGT 216: Foundations of Human Resource Management

Third Year: Full Marks = 500

MGT 204: Business Law

MGT 215: Fundamentals of Financial Management

MGT 217: Business Environment and Strategy

MGT 218: Taxation and Auditing

MGT 219: Organizational Behavior


Fourth Year: Full Marks = 500 

MGT 220: Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Development

MGT 221: Business Research Methods

Concentration Area (Students can choose any one concentration area)


ACC 250: Accounting for Banking

ACC 251: Accounting for Business

ACC 252: Advanced Financial Accounting

ACC 253: Advance Auditing

ACC 254: Budgeting and Controlling of Profit


FIN 250: Fundamentals of Corporate Finance

FIN 251: Commercial Bank Management

FIN 252: Foundations of Financial Institutions and Markets

FIN 253: Fundamentals of Investment

FIN 254: Insurance and Risk Management


MKT 250: Fundamentals of Selling

MKT 251: Customer Relationship Management

MKT 252: Foreign Trade and Export Management in Nepal

MKT 253: Fundamentals of Advertising

MKT 254: Fundamentals of Services Marketing


MGT 250: Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management

MGT 251: International Business

MGT 252: Management of Industrial Relations

MGT 253: Productivity Management

MGT 254: Quality Management


MGT 401: Final Project