The department organizes various curricular and extracurricular activities to enhance the managerial and leadership skills of our students.

 Academic Activities:


Guest Lectures, Seminars and Talk Programmes:

The department believes in multiple ways of understanding new knowledge. In order to facilitate this, the college organizes regular talk programmes and guest lectures from distinguished personalities involved in business and management sectors. Current issues in the business and management discipline are given focus in these activities. Following are some of the major academic activities conducted by the department during the recent academic year:



Report Writing, Group Discussion and Presentation:
To enhance the academic and communicative skills of the students, the department conducts writing, discussion and presentation programmes. The students are enabled to analyse case studies, prepare a report on them, and present it in front of their class. Students are taught the necessary skills to lead effective group discussions to participate in group discussion on relevant business management issues so that they can exchange their ideas and views to solve current business problems faced by the market. Also they are also asked to present their conclusions drawn from the group discussions so that the leadership, communication and presentation skills will be enhanced.

 Club Activities:


ABHIYAAN club is a student driven management club of BBS/MBS department which was launched in 2016 under the guidance of lecturer Ms. Shilpika Thapaliya. The objective of the club is to provide opportunities for students to develop leadership qualities and a sense of responsibility necessary to be contributing members of society, by developing their skills and competence for business careers, to build self–esteem, to experience leadership and to practice community service. For this the club has taken the responsibility to conduct different events and activities throughout the academic year. The list of events mentioned below provide our students a platform to extend classroom experiences into the academic and social life of the campus.



As the name suggests, ZEST-FEST is program with a great deal of excitement and piquancy involved in it.  A solely management focused event of three days to the least , ZEST-FEST is mainly driven towards enriching the learning experience as well as boosting their confidence to conquer the world with their tact and wittiness. Bagging the certificates and medals is always a plus point!

The list of events that take place is:

Case Study: The students must be very much vigilant on the cases served to them in competition. All those hawk-eyed warriors should be ready to set their foot in this event!

Bizz Quiz: With a set of questions from around the globe to be asked in different rounds, students are expected to be whip smart and tough as nails! So if they are of a kind who gets a phone number rooted in their mind in just one read get on it with no second thoughts!

Critical Thinking: An event that builds up pressure within the participants only to bring out the best in them. Critical thinking only intends to make the combatant ready for his real life battle field! With no dubiety, this would be one of the best experiences for a challenger.

Mad-Ad: Be a Mad Hatter for their victory in this game! An event in which the participants must bring out their craziest of ideas to make an advertisement of a short span and act it out!! So if they have that rage to sell a product should be ready to be a Mad Hatter!

Tic Tac Toe: A refreshing game that is played with a hoolahoops or more clearly the human form of our favorite childhood game “aalu cross” is one of the fun filled games of the ZEST-FEST!


Treasure Hunt: A game where a group of players who try to find hidden objects or places by following a series of clues. If they are the person who wonder around in the college nooks and corners then brace themselves for the game! A bit of intelligence and a bit of curiosity is a perfect mixture for this hush-hush game!



Talent show gives the students a platform to flaunt their hidden forte. Be it wonderful or weird, funny or heart touching, you can always explore yourself to the depth. The talent shows are organized during the Zest Fest.




“Give, even if you have a little,” said Lord Buddha. A social initiative taken by the ‘Abhiyan Club’ representing the MBS & BBS faculty with an aim to touch the lives of destitute children, ABHIYAN SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM braces the education of those children through the funds raised.




Aspiring to bring about a positive change in the lives of juveniles, this MOTIVATIONAL SPEECH PROGRAM intends to fill the young hearts with uncondensed optimism, contentment and enthusiasm through a pre-eminent personality.



Departmental MAGAZINE: Unfolding the creative thoughts and ideas through the Abhiyan Magazine has always been one of the mottos of the club. Embracing the opinions of the future leaders on the current business affairs and entrepreneurial activities is the main gist of this annual publication.

 Extra Activities conducted in 2016-17: 

  • 14th – 17th April, 2016: BBS – 2nd Year- Social Camp at Lamanagi School, Charikot and Kalinchowk, Earthquake recovery program.
    • Total no. of student 71.
    • Moderators:- Ms. Angeela Pradhan, Mr. Shiva Raj Poudel, Mr. Ruchin Singh and Ms. Shilpika Thapaliya.
  • 10th August, 2016: Cyber security awareness programme by Chirinjibi Adhikari
  • 21st October, 2016: Social service camp: Chitlang, for MBS – I.
  • 25th October, 2016: Presentation on Marketing issues and introduction of ABHIYAN CLUB in the presence of President of Chalatra Board Mr. Raj Kumar Rai and Senior Actor, Mr. Bhuvan K.C.
  • 14th December, 2016: A Talent Show programme, organized by Abhiyan Club.
  • 18th – 20th December, 2016: Social Service Camp Chitlang, Earthquake recovery program BBS III year, Moderator Mr. Shailendra Simkhada, Mr. Satya Narayan Sardar and Mr Top Lal Panthi school Swachhand Bhairab Uccha Ma. Vi. Chitalng
  • 5th February, 2017: Welcome programme with talent show Mr. and Miss. Fresher.
  • 13th March 2017: Awareness speech conducted by Ms Anupama Gurung regarding Mental Health and youth motivation.
  • 5th May to 10th May 2017: Educational tour of BBS 2nd year students to Sikkim, Darjelling and eastern Nepal with the faculties Ms. Anjeela Pradhan, Mr. Shiva Raj Poudel and Ms. Shilpika Thapaliya.
  • 9th – 10th June, 2017 MBS Second Year: Industrial Tour to Bhaktapur Industrial State and Srikrishna Dairy Uddhyog, Pachkhhal, Kavre with the following faculties Mr. Satya Narayan Sardar , Top Lal Panthi, Prakash Sapkota, Kapil Shrestha and Prem Bahadur Mahat.
  • SPSS & Writing Skills in Thesis for MBS II from July 16th to July 24th SPSS training by Posh Raj Khanal and Purna Gharti Magar. Motivation, Challenges and success facters in Entrepreneurs by Dr. Madan Manandhar. Content and techniques In Thesis by Dr. Urmila Shrestha and Language of thesis writing by Satya Narayan Sardar.